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07 May 2021 | 25 Iyyar 5781
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The North West London Eruv has transformed Shabbat. There are more families going to Shul than ever before and there has been an unparalleled boom in the number of Jewish schools.

There really has never been a better time to be Jewish in London and at the heart of this change was the establishment of the Eruv in February 2003.

For this enhancement to Jewish life to continue, the North West London Eruv needs your ongoing support.

The North West London Eruv is inspected each week. It is important to check each and every week that the Eruv is intact. At no stage should the Eruv be taken for granted, especially when planning an activity dependent on carrying.

One is now able to walk from Edgware to North-West London and vice-versa via the Mill Hill Eruv. To ensure you stay within the eruv, keep on the A1 Watford Way. (Bunns Lane, west of the railway, is outside both eruvim.)


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NW London Eruv sponsored this week, 29 Adar Vayakhel-Pekudey, to celebrate the barmitzvah of Netanel Berman.

North West London Eruv Committee

  • Trustees:
  • Edward Black (Chair)
  • Gabriel Field
  • Barry Morris
  • Meyer Pearlman
  • Elliot Weider
  • Jonathan Dryer (Secretary)

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