The North West London Eruv has transformed Shabbat for many people. Now, parents can push their children in buggies. Those in wheelchairs are no longer house-bound. In fact all aspects of family and communal life on Shabbat have been enhanced and more people are going to Shul than ever before.

There really has never been a better time to be Jewish in London and at the heart of this change was the establishment of the Eruv in February 2003. For this enhancement to Jewish life to continue, the North West London Eruv needs your ongoing support. Many of us take the Eruv for granted. Without it, we would not just lose the buggies parked outside our Shuls, but much of the vibrancy of communal life on every Shabbat.

To continue carrying and pushing we need you to continue giving.

Each week a team of specialists are paid to check the Eruv. Where necessary maintenance takes place and sometimes this can be costly. Yet, for only £1 a week (less than the cost of your challot) you will not only keep the Eruv up, but make it easier to enjoy Shabbat at the same time.

To support the Eruv just click here or send your cheque or charity voucher payable to North West London Eruv Committee to us at 59 Woodlands, London, NW11 9QS.

Without the Eruv we cannot carry on Shabbat
Without your support the Eruv cannot carry on.

Please consider becoming an Eruv Sponsor for an annual donation £180 to mark a simcha, yahrzeit or other special anniversary. The sponsorship will be recognised on the homepage of the website that week.

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